The following quotes have been selected from the enormous amount of letters and mails received from those Moya has helped and guided. Naturally the source of these quotes is not credited in order to guarantee privacy:

'Moya told me that my parents had bought a new mattress and that there was a northern link on my mothers side of the the time it meant nothing to me. That evening I called my mum.....she had bought a new mattress that day! A week later it came to light that she had a brother living in the North!' L, Gloucestershire

'I went to see Moya after separating from my husband....he was with someone else, had booked a holiday in a beautiful destination and started divorce proceedings....Moya told me the holiday would be the worst he had ever had, the divorce would stop and so would his new relationship......the holiday was a complete disaster, he has stopped the divorce and says he still loves this space! Moya's reading was amazing and has seen me through the worst time of my life....thankyou' K, Manchester

'I had never had a reading before I met was breathtaking and blew me away.....accurate beyond belief'
P, Birmingham

'Moya is special, truly gifted and I am eternally grateful to her'
S, London

'I went to see Moya after my daughter died.....Moya described my daughter perfectly as if she was sat there. She described how she had died and gave me the date. My reading did not bring my daughter back but I gained great comfort from knowing she was ok and with my Dad that Moya also decribed....she even gave me his name!' I was stunned
K, Germany

'My reading with Moya is one of the most positive experiences of my life......she is angelic, she is the genuine article' Words seem inadequate
GK, London

'Moya was the inspiration behind an event I organised at my work because a friend of mine had a sitting with her and highly recommended her. The event was fantastic thanks to Moya. We asked her to stay longer due to high demand because her work was exceptional'
London client.

'Moya Guichet’s readings are unparalleled in their accuracy.'

Her predictive ability has an unerring precision. But as important is Moya’s deep empathy and her capacity to enter into one’s life experience with respect, sensitivity and the very greatest of wisdom.'

'With Moya you are in the very safest of hands.'

'Many thanks for all your help, it has been a tough few months but we can now start to plan and enjoy ourselves' G.P.Glos

'Just to let you know that I was completely "blown away" by my reading this morning. Thank you so much.......I feel I can just get on with my life now with so much more confidence and a really happy feeling for a change.' L.O

'There are times when it feels like there are too many questions and very few answers and even less compassion and personal ability to was at that time that I was fortunate enough to meet Moya. Nearly three years on and undoubtedly my life has improved and changed in so many ways as a result of her wonderful skills. Moya provided guidance that brought me clarity and an abundance of details which has enabled me to make decisions and at times gave me the reassurance that, no matter how severe the storm, it does pass. Moya is a wonderful gift and I am eternally grateful that I met her! ' T.F. London

'Moya...thank you so much for your amazing have helped me so much.' L. Glos.

Moya, I went to your Evening of Clairvoyance at Manor by the Lake, what a marvellous evening it was. You are the best platform medium I have ever seen, absolutely amazing and what a beautiful venue1 Thank you so much! P.S Tewkesbury Glos

I went to see you for a reading about amonth ago. Your reading was exeptional in its accuracy and detail, but also in its warmth and empathy. I was left amazed by the things you knew. The last 3 months have been alittle difficult but the reading gave me confidence and a positivity to move forward. Thank you. I wish you all the best for career in London and if you are in the Cheltenham area again I shall certainly attend one of your evenings/readings Thanks Matt J Worcestershire


Clairvoyant Moya Guichet

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